The Best Treatment for Afib is More than Ablation 
Get the information you need to have the best chance to be free of Afib.

The medical research is clear – if you don’t treat the causes of Afib:
  • You could be at 11 times higher risk for more Afib.
  • You are at higher risk than you need to be for heart attack, stroke, heart failure, dementia, and even early death.

I don’t want this to happen to you. That’s why I created the... 

Six Simple Things Guide.
What Top Experts Recommend to Get the Best Treatment for Afib 
Six Simple Things You Can Do Today 

This is a complete guide to what you need to know about the causes of Afib.

  • What is the best treatment to lower your blood pressure?
  • ​Do you have the most common hidden cause of Afib?
  • ​What is the proven way countless others have achieved lasting weight loss AND improved their health?
  • ​How much alcohol is safe if you have Afib?
  • ​And much more

You will also get these exclusive BONUSES: 

  • Dr. Hurst's Six Simple Things Video Series 
  • ​​A Simple Strategy to Finding Your Best Diet for Afib
  • ​A Simple Strategy to Safely Exercise with Afib

Don’t put your health at risk for another day. Buy the Six Simple Things.

We guarantee you will find this to be the most valuable information about Afib you have ever received, or we will give your money back. No questions asked.

Knowing what you need to know about the causes of Afib could change your life. 

It could save your life.

Hi, I'm R. Todd Hurst, MD

"I've learned from treating thousands of AFib patients that the key to a long, healthy life is NOT more medications and procedures. You have to treat the cause of Afib first."
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